Introducing the Investments club 💰

What’s up?

After you’re done hopping clubs across the town, Jupiter is where you end up for the final event!

This is the safest place to get some fine-quality investment intelligence. :sunglasses:

So what’s in it? :thinking:

  1. Just ask us! :speaking_head:

They say, “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risks”. Dude, which market? What risk? What subject? Who’s gonna…?

Chill. Our in-house experts will answer all your questions about investments. Everyday!

  1. You know what happened? :newspaper:

Spill the tea, share the goss, ask, fight or debate. Go ahead and share everything you know. Keep it busy, keep it buzzing!

  1. Let’s meet :calendar_spiral:

AMA’s, Webinars, live sessions, Twitter spaces, and lots more! Get a chance to meet the team virtually (or maybe in person?) :eyes:

  1. Together we build :bulb:

Get some stones, flick a spark and start a fire. Bring all your ideas and help us build something that’ll help you build something.

Rules and guidelines :scroll:

  1. Be aware that these answers are just opinions of Jupiter community folks and should be used as a starting point for your research. Make your financial decisions carefully.
  2. Do not share your personal information such as email ID, phone number, or address on the threads.


The investments club will be in the Jupiter community itself. Think of it as a new category. We got tons of things for you to do here. Explore 'em all!

If you don’t know anything about investing, this is a good place to start.
Your investments club journey starts here. Join the bandwagon today.



We’re kickstarting this with our first Just ask us!
All questions, answers, and discussions will be stored here.

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