Introducing Chai Pe Charcha series! #1

Hey guys,

Lemme introduce you to our very own series, Chai Pe Charcha! :coffee: We’d like to welcome the Community to this meet-up as well! :slightly_smiling_face:

What’s going to happen?
We hear from different experts on different topics!
For this meet-up, the topic will be about building AI products and Vivek from the Data Science team will be throwing light on this! :robot_face:

When is it happening?
Wednesday, 16th Feb (That’s tomorrow!)
It’s happening on zoom. :point_right:t4: Click here to join :point_left:t4:

Block your calendars right away! :spiral_calendar_pad:


This is how to connect with one another
But why “ Zoom , not Google Meet ?”

I’m asking this question because, Google Meet already implemented in GMail so we don’t have to install it.

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Good initiative…All the best team Jupiter

There’s more zoom fans here! We’ll think about the platform options for the next ones :stuck_out_tongue:


@alexnazy Not really a townhall but something similar? Dream come true? :eyes:

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:grin: yup there may be more Fan of zOOm I would like to be Cooler rather than Fan :joy:


Discussion time!

For those who joined in, how was it?
We’ll be having more Chai Pe Charcha series in the coming weeks and involve the community in it.

Let us know what can be improved, things that you’d like to have and see, What did you think about the whole meet up. :coffee:

I guess we also showed a little spoiler for our Voice search AI for Jupiter :eyes:
AI is the future! :robot:


This was good session… It was interesting to take a peek into the Jupiter team too. And ofcourse the voice search spoiler was good.

The format though unscripted was good. @Kedar_Nimkar brought out a good conversation.

Thanks @Vivek_YS for the analogies and examples.

Thanks @JupiterTeam. Keep them coming! Looking forward to more Chai pe charcha!


Oh boy, I missed it. Is there a recording link?
It’d be awesome if I could notifications for posts here.

My bad I couldn’t catch the entirety of it. Is there any link to watch it if it was recorded?

Nope. No recordings can be shared as of now :sweat_smile:
We’ll have more Chai Pe Charcha series coming soon though. Stay tuned!

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Hey! I guess you joined the community yesterday, welcome!
You do get an email if such events are happening in advance. More to come :slight_smile:
You also get a notification in your inbox. (Green number 1)

Awesome! Thanks a ton for the heads up, Shawn.

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