If I block my DC ( for AMC ) will I continue to use Jupiter?

Hey I want to know as aftee 31st march , Card will have AMC
So thinking of Closings my DC …

but I want to use Jupiter app , is there will be any limitations other than ATM withdrawal?

@Biswabiology it is recommended you get this clarified from the support team


Hi @Biswabiology We suggest checking in with the support team, you will get an update there.

Who is support team?

Either chat with the in app chat support or send email to support@jupiter.money.

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They are just unable to help me
Talking here and there but can’t write to the point …

The Whole Jupiter is doing the same for card Dept
Debit and Credit card

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There is no as such disadvantage other thn cash withdrawal. I blocked my DC last month