I have been charged 71₹ for maintenance ledger folio

Why?? None of other banks have charged me this… didn’t expected this type of charges by jupiter

pls log service request. must be some error by our partner bank

I have been charged 142 Rs

What is this @Jiten ?

Need not worry as I said. pls log service request

Okay sir,i have raised complaint for the same… Hoping to get it reversed soon

What exactly ledger folio refers ?


If a quarter transactions exceed 50+ …federal bank charges 60+gst for next 60 transactions

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as we said, all these charges would be reversed for everyone. No need to worry.


@SaiRaj Here’s a thread from Quora. Might be helpful.

I think it’s like charges for maintaining the records of your account.

As Jiten said, this shouldn’t happen. Must be an error from the bank. Please log service request if you haven’t already.

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