How Zerodha built a billion-dollar business empire📽

“I don’t think if I was a VC, I would have funded a person like me”
~Nithin Kamath

Watch this candid conversation hosted by none other than @Venkat right here :point_down:

  1. The journey from call centre to Billion dollar business: 1:30
  2. How and Why Aadhar played a pivotal role: 4:00
  3. Take on the Market Scenario during the pandemic: 5:00
  4. Business Model & Breakdown of user Activity: 10:00
  5. Nitin’s Success Mantra: 17:10
  6. Competitive Edge: 22:50
  7. Advice to fresh Entrepreneurs: 27:00
  8. Next Venture of Zerodha: 42:00

His take on the market is so on point!
V excited to see their new product :raised_hands:

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