David Velez on How to Build a successful Start-up?

Did you know No. of Nu Bank customers is more than the total no. of Neobank customers across the globe?! :open_mouth:
Learn how he built such a massive company from the man himself:

PS: Timestamps attached for your assistance below the video:

04:40: Spirit of Community & Co-Creation at Jupiter
08:15: Introduction of David
10:00: Why did David leave his cushy job at Sequoia & started Nu Bank?
13:53: How did Nu Bank get its first 1000 users?
18:50: Why did Nu Bank go for Purple Credit Card?
20:24: Why do we call ourselves Jupiter?
21:10: Why did Nu Bank start with Credit Cards?
28:50: Reaction of Competition on Nu Bank’s entry
34:30: One mistake where the team didn’t utilise customer’s feedback!
39:00: Nu Bank’s North Star Metric
40:55: Rapid Fire round
47:25: Should banks become a super app?
49:20: David’s Most Loved feature of Nu Bank
51:00: Advice for Founders


What an insightful talk, an NPS of 88 is crazy!


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What does co-creation mean at Jupiter?

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