Jupiter Primetime | Episode 2

Join us for a webcast hosted by @Jiten, with David Vélez, Founder & CEO of Nubank, about how Nubank captured the imagination of young Brazilians and modernized banking for an entire nation.

Hear David speak about:

  • Nubank’s genesis and incredible growth
  • Insights and learnings from the journey
  • How Nubank builds for its users

What’s more? Gear up for a candid rapid-fire round with David! We’ll also be taking questions from attendees for a Q&A session! So if you have a question for David, drop it in while registering here


For those who couldn’t attend it live! and most of you who did wanted to see it all over again :smiley:

The entire video is now live on our channel. Check it out here:


Summarizing key insights from the conversation here! Tell me if I’ve missed something and what were your greatest takeaway from the call :grimacing:

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