How to invest in top performing companies?

Please recommend any courses

@pritseo Welcome to the community.

I am keeping it simple by investing in Index funds. Especially Nifty 50 and Nifty Next 50. So that will cover the top 100 companies. Assured returns over a long term and no rebalancing issues.

But I do understand that the Index Fund strategy only works for long term investors.

Maybe the others can pitch in for courses, strategies, etc.


@pritseo if you are new to investing you can consider the small courses in the investment tab for mutual fund investing and then start with a small SIP and then continue to build on it.

@alexnazy ’s suggestions are spot on as well.


@pritseo You can also try this app. It’s good…

Varsity by Zerodha -

Of course it’s a bit basic. But you can start from here and then continue your journey to YouTube.

There are some YouTube channels that are much much better than paid courses.

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