How many bank accounts & credit cards do you actively use?

Bank Accounts:

  1. South Indian Bank- My first ever bank account-Opened in 2009-Closed in 2016 :x:
  2. SBI- Primary Account (Opened in 2016) :tick:
  3. Bank of India- Opened as a Salary Account in 2018- Closed since Resigned :x:
  4. HDFC bank- Opened in 2020- Closed in 2023 :x:
  5. Canara Bank - Opened in 2021 for Fellowship Purpose :tick:
  6. Fi- Opened in 2021- Closed in 2023 :x:
  7. Jupiter - Opened in 2021 :tick:
  8. NiyoX- Opened in 2021- Not using currently :x:

Credit Cards:

  1. OneCard- Secured :tick:
  2. Paisabazaar Step Up Card- Secured :tick:
  3. BOB Snapdeal and BOB Energie - Unsecured :tick:
  4. IDFC WOW card= Secured :tick:

Bank Accounts -

Jupiter - Primary account
Paytm Payments Bank, Bank of Baroda, Central Bank of India - 3-4 transactions a month
HDFC Bank - retained for existing FDs

Credit Cards -

SCB Digismart Card
Axis Bank ACE Card
ICICI Coral Card
ICICI Amazon Pay Card
Amex Gold Card
Amex Smart Earn Card
Citibank Rewards Card
SBI Elite Card
RBL Shoprite
IndusInd Legend Card
HDFC Tata Infinity Rupay


Hey @yagnesh01 have you faced any situation wherein because you hold some many credit cards, the credit card company rejects your application?

Like do they say too many loan accounts.

I am just curious because I was rejected for the SBI Cashback credit card even though I already have SBI Simplyclick.

@alexnazy Have never been told directly that is the reason for a card application getting turned down. Off late I did apply for AU Small Savings Bank CC and it was rejected with a very generic response. I stopped applying for cards for a long time until I applied for an Axis Ace & HDFC Tata Infinity Rupay card. Post that no other card application. I think I am going to cap this with the Edge Rupay variant. Managing usage across all the cards can be tricky.


@yagnesh01 Thanks for that information. :thumbs_up:

Bank Accounts -

Jupiter - Primary account
HDFC Salary Account
Paytm Payments Bank,
Kotak 811
Fi Money
State Bank of India
AU Small Finance Bank
Indie by Indusind

Credit Cards -

Bank of Baroda Select Card
HDFC Bank Millennia Card
ICICI Bank Amazon Pay Card
SBI Cashback Card
IndusInd Legend Credit Card
Swiggy HDFC Bank Credit Card
AU Small Finance Bank Vetta Credit Card
PNB Rupay Platinum Card


Banks -

Bank of India (Primary)- since 2017
Jupiter (secondary) - since 2022, may.
IDFC (for savings) - opened April 2023, closed July 2023 (they forced to close the account)
HDFC Digisave youth account ( No major reason to open this account) - Opened july.

Credit Cards -

Onecard by SBM bank - closed
Federal Signet Rupay.


@Surojit_Ghosh Can you please elaborate the above statement? I haven’t had any trouble with my IDFC account.

The thing is that I opened my bank account online, after 2-3 months suddenly one day debit transaction was stopped in my account, I called customer care, they said there is a mistake in your address so we stopped the debit transaction. Update from any branch then your account will be fixed.
Then I went to Barasat branch near my house they updated and did kyc then said that it will open in 2 days, then 1 week passed but still not opened the debit transaction.
Then I went to the branch again and they said see you have opened an account online, it is the responsibility of the main branch to see it, now we have done everything on our behalf, since they have stopped the debit transaction only they can open it, not us. Then I left, they called after 1 day and said to go to the branch, I went and they said you have to close the account.

So I don’t have any choice :expressionless:

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That’s not the experience one looks forward to

8+ Bank Accounts
4 credit cards active-
Flipkart Axis Bank CC
ICICI Amazon Pay credit Card
ICICI Rupay Coral CC

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Bank accounts
Jupiter: Primary A/C
Canara Bank: For JRF Fellowship
Kotak 811: Back-up A/C
DBS: opened in 2014 closed in 2020 ( due to Debit Card delivery issue) [ My 2nd favourite account after Jupiter]

Credit Cards
Jupiter Edge
Kotak League
Kotak Urbane
Amazon Pay ICICI
RBL Shoprite
RBL Edition (closed)
One Card
Paisabazar SBM


@Manish2 I feel that DBS is a great bank.

I love the app and internet banking portal. They are both minimal and functional. I loved the fact that you don’t have to enter OTP for everything. They somehow have a great security system in place which doesn’t use OTPs all the time.

Unfortunately, I had to close the account as I was unable to maintain a lot of Bank accounts. :neutral_face:


Yup, there is no doubt about DBS.
I think no OTP option was 1st in the industry. Never faced a technical glitch from their end.
Customer support is also great.

DBS was my primary account but, unfortunately I had to bid goodbye to DBS.

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I have closed a total of 5 Bank accounts.

ICICI - I had 2 accounts - 1 personal and 1 joint account. The joint account was nostalgic as it’s my first bank account ever. So I stuck with that and closed the salary account (after I changed companies) where I had to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.10000.

Finin - they closed down as they were selling their business to Open. They had a tie-up with SBM. So that got closed.

Niyo - they discontinued their tie-up with IDFC Bank. So Niyo got closed and IDFC continued from there. I still hold the IDFC account.

Airtel Payments Bank - they started charging subscription fees for account. They also started charging for every service Eg. SMS notifications. And as I didn’t see value in holding the account, I closed that.

DBS Digibank - I liked this bank and the account. But as I had more accounts, it came down to either DBS or Jupiter/Fi. I think there is still potential in Jupiter/Fi. So I closed the DBS account. I do still feel bad about closing the DBS account as it was the first account that I opened without any branch visit - many years before the Neo Banking hype.


Yes. It is still a Zero Balance Account. Surprising to me.