How is it possible to recover deleted files in Android?

An app ‘Dr. Fone’ in Android shows my deleted photos and give an option to recover them. I want to know where these photos are hidden even after being deleted so that this app can find them. I want to delete the deleted photos from the storage where these are stored to be recovered. Is it possible?

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When you delete any data from a drive actually that data not erased from your drive. They are simply marked as deleted and the space that they were taking up is marked as available.
And those data are stay there until you do not write any new data to the drive.

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it is possible transfer big data(4-5 gb) 5 6 times bits will be over written

@saurabh.s @Pratyay_Mustafi
I mean a hidden storage where it is stored as recoverable.

Deleted data remains on your storage drive until it is eventually erased and overwritten by new data.