App automatically logs back in after logout

Date - Nov 16th, 2021
Time - approx 10:05 pm

Action - Tried logging out.

Expected Result - Well after a logout app should navigate to the login screen where we do mobile/email/other authentication.

Actual Result - App logs back in again without entering any credentials.

Device - Samsung Galaxy A51 (SM-A51F/DSN)

Reproducibility - I tried twice and same result.

Connection Type - WIFI (Jio Fiber)

Video Link - Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

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Hey @lambrohan ,

Thanks for checking this out. This is not a bug.
If a user logs out, they’ll be taken to the MPIN/biometrics page and if they re-verify using biometrics they will be able to log back in. It’s completely normal.

There could be a perspective issue to this.

If logging out means clearing credentials and cached data on the app, then Rohan’s position stands true.

However if logging out means simply locking the app, then Shawn is correct as well -it’s a deisgn.

What I feel is Logging Out and Lock/Unlock is confused in implementation - and this should be taken to User Team. One of the competing Neobanks has this sorted out by implementing an auto-lock on exiting screen whereas logout deletes all information stored locally (similar to clear data)