How about combine Debit, Credit & Forex card into one card?

Rather than carrying many cards in your wallet, can we have 1 card for all?


So something like this?


Most of the debit cards come today offer Debit card EMI. So credit cards can be skipped here.
Federal Bank is the largest player in the Debit card EMI category in India, right now.

And yes, if the cards are Visa or MasterCard, they can support overseas transactions, which might cover Forex card.

But in most cases I do not see no-cost debit EMI which I see in some other cards on certain platforms.

And, credit card comes with a list of benefits, and the reason for that is, the players get a higher interchange to implement it.

So, where will rewards go once debit EMI is widespread?

A bigger question would be, what would be be more important that rewards for the user?


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