Hi, I’m Ashita, Brand Marketing & Communications Lead at Jupiter

My alter-ego would much rather the title showed you this instead –

Hi, I’m Ashita, 007 at Jupiter.
Hi, I’m Ashita, Sherlock Holmes at Jupiter.
Hi, I’m Ashita, Minesweeper at Jupiter.
Hi, I’m Ashita, Chief Auctioneer at Jupiter.
Hi, I’m Ashita, Budding Architect at Jupiter.
Hi, I’m Ashita, Invisible Magician at Jupiter.

And, here’s my favorite –
Hi, I’m Ashita, Playing Cupid at Jupiter

I could go on. Not just because it is fun personalizing what you do at work, but because, this is what brand building demands today - fluency to see problems from multiple angles and to be able to solve it using a language you’d recognize and at a speed you’d appreciate. Easier said than done.

Contrary to popular belief, brand building is non-linear; arriving at strategy is messy. Something I constantly experience when I’m inventing craft cocktail recipes (12 proud OG concoctions!) or trying to brew a cup of coffee while multitasking on a Zoom call, screensharing docs and toggling my video cam to mask my kitchen clutter!

Thankfully, past experience (and a really generous mentor) has taught me that there is no one right way to build a brand. There are many rights. The job of a brand marketer is to search for the right that feels true to the people behind the brand and then bring it to you – people waiting to believe in the brand. Any day better than the search for a perfect weekend read in my eBook library that dangerously hovers at 713 unread items. What I wouldn’t give in exchange for more time to savor the joy of revisiting an Anna Karenina or an Audrey Hepburn classic. Or spend time relishing the cool fresh flavor of mint chocolate chip ice cream (sigh, life is short). I’m open to hearing about your productivity hacks and how you find time to invest in yourself! Until then, I’ll go back to the WIP brand doc with drooling temptations and a new life goal - Save dessert for the end!

P.S. The JD that never found its way to Naukri:

007 – License to kill competition
Sherlock Holmes – Freakishly deep investigation (research & reasoning)
Minesweeper – Dodging market threats. Detonating category barriers.
Auctioneer – Bridge between parties (business and brand)
Architect – Planning for complexities. Designing for simplicity.
Magician – Transforming moments into delightful experiences
Cupid – Making people fall in love with the brand


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