Have you been investing? 🤔

So I am a crypto guy or that’s what my friends say about me xd.
I invest Trade my savings in crypto and a little in some Mutual fund just in case.
For that i use WazirX , Binance and coinDcx.
Coming to what featues I would like in the app,

  1. Tagging investments asset wise or exchange wise (cutomizable as much as the user wants )
  2. NACH MANDATE for sip paymets in MFs.
  3. able to invest in mf directly from app maybe, Phonepe has such kind of featue inbuild , though i am not sure how many ppl would want that.
  4. coindcx gives their api to track crypto investments, you can try adding it maybe.
    @Bharat you may likes these suggestions :smile:

Mutual Fund Sahi hai :slight_smile:


I use Zerodha for investing in stocks and mutual funds and Wazirx for crypto. Honestly Zerodha does its job really well and the only thing I’d want from Jupiter is to see current value of my investments within Jupiter’s networth feature.

I’ve tried Jupiter’s MF analyser but it never detects my entire portfolio for some reason.

  1. I have two philosophies on investment which I follow
  • “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.” — Warren Buffett

  • “Investment in yourself pays the best interest”

  1. I invest to have access to capital in times of opportunities and accidents.

3, I primarily invest in risky assets as I am just 21 and can take more risks. My portfolio comprises one Small cap and one mid cap mutual fund. other than that I regularly buy shares of Yes Bank, Federal Bank and zomato and a few other companies.

  • I have also invested in US stocks like Shopify, Google, Tesla, MSFT and Netflix.
  1. I use Zerodha to buy/sell stocks and Coin platforms for MF’s & I use INDmoney to track them and also invest in US stocks via it.

  2. I have a book fund in which I invest Rs.2000 every month and in times of sale at Flipkart and Amazon, I buy books using this fund.

  3. Tips and Tricks

  • “Given a 10% chance of a 100 times payoff, you should take that bet every time.” — Jeff Bezos

. What: a) I invest in direct/indirect equity as well IPO’s. b) Along with that I also engage in spare change investing.

. Why: I invest for future child education as well retirement [keeping in mind the inflation after 14 years with YOY increase of current 5.5%].

. Apps: a) I use Zerodha for direct equity & IPO’s b) Coin for lumpsum & MF platforms for SIP’s c) Indmoney & mf platforms for tracking portfolio d) Jar & Spenny for digital gold as well small ticket sip for rainy days. e) Concalls through Quartr & validation as well learning through Valuepickr.

. Tips: Learn to read balance sheets as early as possible in your life.


I invest in ELSS for taxes, some in crypto behind all the fuss, most of my money is in the UTI Index fund.

Whenever I have some free time I invest a few K’s in stock just to learn how everything works.

All in all Mutual funds have given me decent returns better than other investments.


I’m keeping my SIP investments very simple.
NIFTY 100 + Gold.
Zerodha has the neat feature for SIP.

But I think in Zerodha, you have to top up balance in Zerodha Wallet/Account? Correct?

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thats correct. zerodha account needs to be topped up.

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don’t you think it’s a hassle? Due to this sole reason, I invest in SIPs through AMC websites.

Zerodha can easily solve this through eNACH.

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how does it work with AMC website ? I mean the payment part ?

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Through setting up SI at bank. Purchase SIP from AMC website → Standing Instruction (On Webpage+Mail+ SMS) → set that instruction in Bank for automated payment deduction

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That sounds like a lot of work :hot_face:

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It is just a work of 2 minutes. Believe me; I have done it many times.


Have you used Stack? I just downloaded the app a week ago, and love the UI.

Mutual funds is probably a different ball game, but what would you recommend a rookie?

I wanna play it safe n small.

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Checked it. Quite a good one.

I would invest in it, if I am not into direct equity and passive investing through lumpsum and sips.

If wanna play safe and small then why not look at spare change investment? You can go for MF & Gold at same time through different apps.


You can always setup enach to top-up the wallet on zerodha

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Noted. I wasn’t aware of the this.

Thanks for letting know :pray:t2:


@here The next lab test (#3) will be for our investments feature! :test_tube:
We’re excited to show you folks what’s about to come :party_parrot:
This will be released next week or after.

To test the initial early release, you will need to be part of Jupiter labs :test_tube:
Register if you haven’t already! We’ll need as many community testers as possible :cool_cat:

Stay tuned~