Grip Invest (Feedback & Review)

Hey folks,
Just come across this really cool product, Grip Invest
Have y’all invested through it?

Seems promising!


I have been investing for quite a few months in Gripinvest and own a couple of assets which have been repaying on time.
The good part about the platform is that returns are decent post tax deduction.
My returns have been around 13%

These guys were recently funded as well so yes the venture seems bullish.


Hey Dev, went through the website now. Seems interesting - was looking at a current opportunity that closes today infact (Furlenco) - the post tax XIRR comes to 11.5% for a pre tax XIRR of 21.8% in this case.

If you are sure about the company being invested and their growth trajectory could be a good bet to make. With associated risks of non-payment.


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