Free Livemint & Hindustan Times Subscription

Konnichwa friends!,

As I know Jupiter issues Signature Visa card so here I have a good news for you!!.

Get 1 year LiveMint and Hindustan Times subscription for free with your visa signature card. Just need to pay ₹1

All you need to do
Sign-up and get your Livemint and hindustan times subscription for 1 year.

Other banks customers just check whether you have visa signature card and do the same thing.

Here you go :

Thank me later.


This is kinda strange. I looked up the site and got a few questions:

  1. what does Thriwe have to do with HT and Livemint?

  2. what’s to stop Thriwe from misusing the data that I give them?

  3. what exactly does Thriywe do cause their google reviews sound pretty similar to Jamtara’s friendly folks? :thinking:

  4. Is Jupiter aware of this “offer”?

Thriwe is a technology-driven B2B Consumer Benefits Marketplace catering to both National and International Markets. Founded in the year 2011 with headquarters in India (Thriwe Consulting Pvt Ltd) and offices across UAE (Thriwe Consulting FZ LLC), Singapore, London & Florida; Thriwe provides an ecosystem that delivers premium Customer Acquisition, Retention, & Allegiance services to the world’s leading Financial Institutions & Card Networks. We run India’s largest tech-enabled Golf management platform and now, have evolved ourselves to offer a host of lifestyle, wellness, entertainment & shopping benefits.

With over 1,00,000+ partner

Err… I appreciate this, but ima wait on a heads up from Team Jupiter if they can vouch for this offer.

Too good to be true, but I do love my data a tad bit more. If it’s legit, this would be super cool! @Shawnpinto

when you can trust Amica then why not thriwe?

Thriwe is a bigger brand/company than Jupiter. Thriwe has a global presence deos Jupiter has :thinking:

Strange na :thinking:


Thriwe has partnered with your company too called (Amex)

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I redeemed the offer already.
Btw the most active users should start a topic on cashback by cc, dc, upi apps or banks. So everyone take the benefits from it.

Such that Rupay platinum offers instant cashback of 20% upto Rs 100 on adding money to amazon wallet per card per month (on fridays) . Offer is continuously expanding for 2 years and may be will expand in future. For more click here


I also already redeemed the Amazon rupay platinum offer everymonth this offer comes once per card once per month. I know this offer from very long time.

That’s cool. Know any more offers? HT and mint offer is also nice. If you find any do not forget to share with us.


I agree. There should be a thread to discuss about various offers and freebies :zap:

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@Shawnpinto will be not happy as I shared last time he said its not good as I am sharing other company offers.

If he allows me I can share the best offers for you guys as well.


As long as you follow this :grin:

No one literally no one:

Le Indians :wink:

Cashback amount was 35 per first 3 transaction (total 105). Minimum transaction Rs 1. Thats why in this period of recession India growth rate is highest (6+). Lol btw
Always :heart: India

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