Feature Suggestion: Jupiter Labs

There must be times where developers are confused regarding -

  • testing of a new feature

  • a cool new little feature that’s relatively easy to code in the app but unable find a proper integration

  • or just determining the market adoption of a new feature in general

Some tech firms and SaaS services try to handle this with a unique concept of Labs. realme has a Labs feature. Nova Launcher too have Labs.

It would be great to see a section named ‘Jupiter Labs’ where you can try out new/experimental features as an opt-in basis. It can also help integrate features like ‘invest the change’ or IFTTT based features (like FIT rules in Fi) that all users may not want but are still nice to have. It would also keep UX simple and the team can also see the adoption stats for an experimental feature to be integrated as a main feature in the future.


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