Feature Request: Hide certain categories from insights

Insights is a very nice idea, but consuming data from insights shouldn’t require a calculator.

There are transfers that are simply noise like:

  1. I don’t want to see transfers to pots as expenditure.
  2. I may have paid for something and then got refunded, I don’t want to count that as expenditure.
  3. There are one-off expenses that I would exclude from monthly expenses.

An implementation that I think would make sense is to be able to select and hide certain categories in the insights page. The money out will total the remaining categories that are shown.

Problems from other threads that will be solved:


I agree with #2 the most. Refunds and debits need to be tagged and filtered out better.

If I’ve been refunded the same amount, the debit transaction shouldn’t count amongst the expenditure.

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Valid use cases. Agreed mostly on #2 and others too.
We’ll think about this one!

But withdrawals and deposits are considered as a transaction, it’s either money in or out. Maybe we just need to place this info somewhere else?


All of these are super useful. Pots transactions showing up in insight really reduces its usefulness.