Edge Rupay credit card without a Jupiter savings account: is that possible?

Since I don’t use my Jupiter savings account anymore, I want to close it. However, I am not sure what the impact of that will be on my Edge Rupay credit card and the rewards (jewels) that I’d earn through the use of the credit card.

Does anyone know if my credit card will continue to be fully functional and earning rewards if I closed my savings account?

If it helps, I got the CSB Edge RuPay credit card without any existing relationship with Jupiter. Opened the savings account later and regret it.

You can use your credit card without the savings account.

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When you didn’t have a Jupiter savings account, did the reward redemption go to one of your other bank accounts?

I didn’t redeem any points until now. Think I’ve got 550 odd points. It should go to the credit card when you don’t have a savings account.

You can check with the customer care team.

That’s the last resort. I avoid speaking to them if I can. Bank customer care people somehow don’t understand English. Not specific to Jupiter; same with every bank.

Thanks for your answers. Gives me some hope that I may be able to ditch the savings account.

I’ve had a good experience with the credit card customer care team, while the bank account customer care team, on the other hand, is better left unsaid.

Hello Kannan.

You can utilize the Edge Rupay credit card even if you don’t possess a savings account or if you intend to close your savings account without encountering any problems. However, it’s important to note that you can only redeem the jewels earned from your credit card spending in the form of gift cards. Cash redemption to any alternate account is not available.

We trust this addresses your inquiry.

Thank you.


It does. Thank you!

I suppose converting it to digital gold and then selling the gold may be a workaround to get cash. Nevertheless, I have the information I was looking for. Thank you!