E Mandate Cancellation

Cancellation of e mandate option through Jupiter App is not available.
Can implement this.
I recently approved one e mandate. Now want to cancel that E mandate. But unable to dobe through Jupiter app.
Please help me on this @ JupiterTeam

This instance should get reported to the support team via the in app chat support or email (support@jupiter.money) so that a ticket# can be assigned to your case and tracked to closure

Does that mean that once it is set, there is no way of cancelling the mandate?

I am asking this because all these mandates are easy set up and run - especially when the distributor is helping you set it up. But when it comes time to stop, you are in your own and it becomes difficult.

I faced this problem with HDFC for my SIP.

And kudos to Jupiter for making Zero cost for missing SIP. I understand that it’s relatively easier as the mutual fund distributor and the bank are the same in the case of Jupiter.

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