Downgraded to Basic level even if my NRV was greater than 10k

I’ve been downgraded to Basic level even when my MAB of September was greater than 10k….Besides that I had created FD of about 10k at the end of last month but my MAB of this month is about 100. When i chatted with customer care , they said my MAB of last month was 100 as well& when I was firm that it was around 17-18k at the end of the month then they said that we will look into this & will tell you by 9th of October.I am moving my funds From Jupiter…don’t know when they will freeze my account for nothing…worst experience

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Now a days, i don’t know whats happening with Jupiter.

They are losing their customers by this kind of issues.

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Folks, please report these issues to the support team. This was a bug. However, more such issues getting reported to the support team will ensure additional deep diving and a permanent deployment of a fix.

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As @yagnesh01 said, there maybe a bug in NRV calculation for some.

@Thaddeus You can check the below thread. @Omkar18 had a similar issue with his NRV.

So this month is about to end & still they are looking into this. I hope they will solve it when my Pro status shall not really be there i.e. at the start of next month because I’ve maintained NRV for next month because of their this behaviour. Many Jupiter lovers would love to jump here & put their positive views here. I don’t know what they love about it except UI

Hi @Thaddeus, apologies for this experience I am checking this on priority and will update a fix within a couple of hours!

We will make sure you’re upgraded to PRO this month and as well as next month.

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@Thaddeus requesting you to dm me your mobile number linked to jupiter account

Hi there……I got a call from your team your team in the evening of the day you texted & replied me & he said that your status has been restored to Pro and you can maintain this status if you maintain NRV.But the real Problem is that I shifted all my funds & broke my FD because of you so you should at least give me Pro for next month even if I can’t maintain NRV because only 10 days are left of this month. But he said we can only provide PRO STATUS If you maintain NRV & we are sorry for inconvenience caused.That’s all.Thanks for response.I hope you do Provide us Pro for next month even if I don’t maintain NRV.

Folks, bugs and issues exist with every institution that offers banking services. If one reports a bug or an issue, one also needs to have the patience to work with the support team to get the issue resolved. While I will agree, all of us expect a quick turn around when it comes to resolution, we also need to remember one very important point - with Jupiter you have a platform to voice your opinion and there are people who want to listen to you. With larger banks that is not the case.

IndusInd Indie could not offer an account to me. Why? Because I have FDs that have been created with Paytm Payments Bank which creates FDs with IndusInd bank. IndusInd has no work around for such customers.

I couldn’t complete vkyc on the first day on indie and on second day I started getting this error. Contacted indusind on email on sept 27 and all I could get was automated reply. (Got a human cs agent once then within an hour , he went missing).
Till now they couldn’t solve my issue. They won’t respond to Twitter DM.

Interface and other things of indie is good. But customer care :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Abhinav m, you do realise that the issue sits with IndusInd bank and not PPBL

There’s a solution for your issue with which you can open the Indie account instantly.

Login to indusind net banking and link your aadhar there.
Then try opening Indie a/c after a day, it will be done and problem shall be solved. @yagnesh01
Login to IndusInd NetBanking> Service request> Indusnet request> Link your Aadhar


@specter i only use IndusInd credit card. Don’t think the app login will allow to me login to the net banking

You can create net banking with card details.

Indusind credit card based net Banking login won’t give you any options for Aadhaar update/linking

Theoretically Aadhaar linking with indusind existing customer id (credit card or FD users) will solve the indie account opening issue…
But practically you have to open a new indusind savings account with linked Aadhaar… after that indie account can easily be open

I followed the second option…
Indie offers some unique advantages like disposable card, super otp & also ltf physical debit card for unlimited cash withdrawal


Let me try that. I haven’t even received a debit card to.

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Yes….Indie is Better….there you don’t have to maintain anything for Pro like status…just do IP & you will get almost everything for free including visa signature debit card with unlimited withdrawals anywhere in world with Zero Forex Markup fee & you will get 3% cash back on top 3 brands & 0.5% for all other brands. Besides these, there is no fear of account freeze. Not to forget is unlimited IMPS transactions. And the best of all for people like me going abroad for studies is that we can login just with Otp & without sending sms if we get logged out.

I’ve 2 accounts in IndusInd But I can only add one of them for UPI purpose as well as AA in Jupiter . Can anyone confirm this if they are facing the same issue ?