Do reinstate QR scanner

I was at a restaurant, about to pay my bill. Opened the app, only to see the QR Scanner shortcut missing from its usual spot.

Panic ensued.

Until I somehow ended up finding it in the transfers > send money page.

UPI is the backbone of my financial transactions. And I’m certain we all rely on it too. It needs to be easily accessible (at least from the home page).

I’m on the 1.5.22 ios app. Please reinstate the QR scanner, squad.

On android they have moved it to right bottom corner above help. Its kind of sticky and remain there when we scroll. I’m also on 1.5.22 but on android. May be they tried to do same on ios ?

It was right there on iOS too. The latest update removed it.

I miss being able to scan in a jiffy.

then may be latest update has messed it up!!

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Ahhh we were conducting an experiment pre-Wednesday, where some of the users may have not seen the floating button but seen the scan and pay in the Navigation Bar.

It was a Navigation bar experiment. It should be back up now :slight_smile:

Just checked the ios app. The scanner shortcut isn’t back yet.

Cruel experiment if I may add. :pensive:

@nateavi You’re on iOS 1.5.22 version, right? Lemme check.

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Yes. The latest n the greatest!

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The QR code scanner button was missing for some users in the latest 1.5.22 app version. We’ve fixed it and it should be back up again in the next release 1.5.23. This will be out soon.

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Good that we’ve the Android app Shortcut as a backup. I got used to it from day one.

In fact, I use that scan and pay shortcut for all other UPI apps too. So, it’s now a default.

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Yep! long-press app shortcuts are handy too.
@nateavi Another way to scan and pay since the icon was missing.

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Still pissed at you guys messing up the QR scanner shortcut @Shawnpinto

There’s no option for it in ios. Hope we get a widget too alongside the next update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Waiting for the widget too for iOS and Android.