Deposit Money doesn't work

The “Deposit Money” on the home screen isn’t working. Whenever I try to use this option, the screen goes into a limbo!

App version: 2.0.9

Screen recording link: Link

PS. Self Transfer works fine (which is what I tried for depositing money).

If you mean this screen, I am able to access it.

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@n00b have you tried using a different connection?
WiFi/Data swapping.

@Shawnpinto Yes, tried using different network as well - same result.

@Abhishek_Ulayil :+1: Isn’t working for me unfortunately!

Got it, thanks for checking! @n00b :slight_smile:
The team would like to understand the issue better.

I would some details from you so we can investigate. Pinging you privately.
Thanks for raising it here.