Demand drafts

Recently I closed an account and I got a demand draft with the balance amount. Now I wanted To add this amount to my Jupiter account but since there is no branch or even a protocol, I was wondering how can one do anything with demand drafts in a neobank setting.

I know this is An edge case but something that one does every once in a while!

What do you all think?

You can deposit it in any federal branch

Federal Bank ATM & Branch Locator | Personal Banking Services in India

That’s interesting. Maybe I took Jiten’s “user shouldn’t be concerned with underlying bank” a bit too seriously. :joy:

But seriously, does that mean, a Jupiter user can avail all federal bank facilities like issue a cheque book, open up a fixed deposit and Jupiter is like a smarter way to do banking, something like YONO from SBI? I mean it’s all fine by me, and more Convenient to know that I can do occasional “traditional” banking too along with daily regular banking with Jupiter.

yes. you can do all those activities as usual

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except for the fact that I can’t add the federal bank issued debit card to GPay :flushed:

Is this something that is being worked on?

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Yes. It is on their roadmap.

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good to know, thanks.