Credit Card Jewels Redemption

Yesterday, the statement for the CSB Edge RuPay Card was generated, with a total monthly spend of 4,046. During this period, earned 810 jewels valued at 162 Rs as rewards, receiving 4% rewards on all three transactions. :jewel:

The statement is pretty neat and clean :v:t2:

At present, there are three ways to redeem the jewels:

  1. Converting to Cash balance :dollar:
  2. Conversion to Digital Gold :coin:
  3. and the latest addition: Conversion to Gift Cards :gift:

However, it’d be far more convenient if users could utilize those jewels to offset the total outstanding amount. This could be similar to OneCard’s option, where one can strike off a particular transaction if there are enough points, or similar to BOB’s method of automatically converting points to cash and adjusting it against the outstanding bill during statement generation.