Creative descriptions for app updates

Currently, the description for pretty much all our app updates in the  store are “bug fixes”. It’s lame, and not creative enough.

Also doesn’t help educate folks about the new stuff we are shipping out, if we shipping any (see? I DONT KNOW because there’s nothing there besides Bug fixes).

Here’s Jupiter’s app description in the  store for reference:


Here are samples of how simplistic and creative these descriptions can be:


Fi Money

Can we please work on these?


That was cool “sleep what sleep?” :joy:


Precisely. They got some cheeky descriptions. Makes me chuckle. Jupiter could do with some love too.


I think earlier there were creative conversations like spaceman talking about updates


Don’t remember those. If there were, there aren’t any now. At least haven’t seen those in a while.

We don’t need to talk about updates per se, if don’t have any. In that case it’d be a “product” problem and they need to get the stick.

But bakwas toh likh sakte hain, instead of “bug fixes”. We’ll get a B for the effort. :smile:

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Oh! We did do quirky release notes in the past. Check this out - Version Release Notes: Feedback
It’s more on the lines of how NASA/Astronauts communicate, would you like to see more of this? Or maybe a different conversation theme?



It’s cool! I haven’t seen it for the last couple of updates though.

If it works for our theme, spaceman should be just fine. :relieved:


Err, Darth Pinto, I had no idea autopay was present in the app until I stumbled into it a while ago. Sure I do follow the Trello board, but it shouldn’t have to come to that.

The app descriptions for updates need some love, and they need it ASAP.

Still unbelievable all we got for the past two update versions (at the least) are “bug fixes”:


Surprise :nerd_face:


WhAt? NoooooO!


Considering I had to add in some effort to find it, how does it work? Do I have to manually add auto-pay in there. Or is Jupiter smart enough to tag these transactions as auto-pay in the back end?
For example, a Netflix charge or two, should automatically be tagged as autopay, and end up in that section without any input from my end.

If not creative, at least a simple text about what changed is a welcome move. I don’t see anything on Google Play Store these days.

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@here You asked. We got it out :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s not the regular “Bug fixes”. Thought we’d spice it up a bit.:salt:


That’s a fantastic start!!!


It is good…but I liked the The spaceman conversation more :smiley:

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Nice one :zap::zap::joy:… Like @razack pointed spaceman talk would be nice…

Spaceman : Houston we have a problem
Control centre: Roger that we are sending bug fixes… (I am not that creative but someone at jupiter will be… or start a new community challenge like meme challenge)

Few months ago, some app had a description like “we have added more bugs so that we dont lose our jobs”… Even i did download the app to support the developer… Unique description helps :zap:


This is something. Nice start :partying_face:

Since Android and iOS updates are not always in sync, hopefully the description is going to be different down the line :roll_eyes:


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Hey gang, here’s a recent description I found to be simple and fun.

Courtesy: Blinkit

@nateavi The 15 packets of Bhujia text got me good :pika_lol:
Check this too. This is from Swiggy.

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