Concern on Debit Card Quality

Hello @Jiten

Today I received the Debit Card and I’m quite disturbed after using it for the 1st time in ATM. With a single ATM Withdrawal itself, the card got a tons of scratches. I’m seriously concerned about the quality of the card and how nasty it will look after a couple of ATM / Swiping usages. It will be an embarrassing moment to handover this card in PoS counters after couple of usages.

Do take this seriously.

Photos are attached for your reference.

NB:- Due to lighting conditions, all scratches can’t be captured by camera.


Yeah. Moreover, the quality of the card is very poor among its peers. It’s very weak !
Hope to see better cards in the coming days ahead !

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I have already given my thoughts about the Jupiter card quality in other threads but today I got my Jupiter debit card and It look just like the Finin debit card.
The only difference in both these cards are the colour and both the cards are of very poor quality.

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To avoid scratches in the card I generally use ICICI, HDFC or Axis Bank ATMs.
And I’m recommending you never to use your debit card at any SBI ATM unless it is urgent or else it’ll definitely leave some recognisable scratches on your card.


I’m using SBI ATM machines for many years and didn’t find something unusual when compared to other machines.

Scratches depends upon quality and material finish of the particular card.

I have faced issue with SBI ATM machines most of the time.

First ATM slots are too tight and when your pull you card after completion of your transaction you have to pull harder.
That’s the reason my new SBI debit card has too many scratches on it which I recieved in July 2021.
And that’s why I don’t use debit card to withdraw cash at SBI ATMs

I haven’t used my Jupiter card at any ATM machines yet But I’ve used my Finin debit card at different ATM machines and I can say the SBI ATM does leave scratches on your card.

And Yes, the scratches on your card also depend on the quality of your card.

There no visible scratches on my ICICI debit card which I’ve been using since November 2020.

I can expect better debit cards from Jupiter in the near future.
At least they can match the card quality with that of Fi debit card.

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Cards are of same quality when we compared with others in the market. in fact, better than quite a few banks. can you highlight exact difference

Yes card quality is same as ICICI,SBI,IDFC the scratches depend on the machine we are using it.

So we can’t blame Jupiter.


I disagree with your statement. In my case, I have used many other cards with same machine and didn’t face any such issues. So there is nothing to blame with machine here.


You can see the live photos after the maiden use.


Sorry to say that you are beating around the bushes.

Do understand the fact that what’s the thread all about.

Whether the bank is neo or card is provided as LTF doesn’t justify the issues which comes over it.

So your these kind of justifications doesn’t make sense, atleast to me.

I’m using Jupiter card why I’m not getting any scratches?


So you want scratches?? :rofl:

If your card doesn’t catch any scratches, be happy!!

You’re most probably comparing the poor built cards with the Jupiter one. As a customer, I really think the card is of poor quality. Using it for close to 2 months & the condition of card is the worst amongst all the card at present in my wallet. I can attach the pics and send it to any team member’s mail if you want to see the reality of the card !

  1. It’s very weak
  2. It’s a scratch magnet
  3. The silver magnetic strip on the card is attracting lots of dust
    It’s just a feedback. Will love to see better cards in the coming future.
    Hope it helps !

What Rubbish

I’m giving you a explanation okay.


Dude, I already told this to you. So I don’t expect any further explanation from you. It’s not gonna help me in anyway.

Moreover, you are not understanding what I have replied to you. My bad!

So thanks.


I’m saying the card quality is not up to the standard if you compare it with any other card available in the market.
Yes, it is completely up to the ATM machines whether It’ll leave any scratches or not.
But it is on the card if there are any **VISIBLE **scratches on the card.
In my case I’ve been using my ICICI debit card since last NOVEMBER but there’s no visible scratches you can find unless you look closer.
And the Jupiter debit card does catch scratches and it is visible because of the simple card design and the finish of the upper face of the card can be better to avoid these.

I had the exact same issue. Scratches present from even before I unwrapped it. Just didn’t bother to post.

EDIT: My scratches are very similar to the ones in OP’s post. Let me know if you guys want pics.

Who cares about scratches on card.
Rubbish topic

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Who cares about cards. I have noticed that it’s mostly millennials who get so excited about cards. Cards are so old age. Tokenization is future.

Cards are just piece of plastic, carrying some information. My phone can also carry information. Why would I keep two information carrying device in my pocket. Gen Z carry phones only. Gen-Z go to a shop, tap their phone and pay. Gen-Z tap thier phone, vehicle unlocks. Gen-Z needs driving licence/PAN/Aadhar, open digilocker. Life is easy. Again, tokenization is future.