Bug in Jupiter

Hey Jupiter team,

List of bugs on top of SBI Aggregator issue (already told about this to Barun over the last community meet :smile: )

1.) When you go to Jewels > and click on ‘Explore Jupiter & Earn’, it crashes the app and exits the app completely to the main screen of your phone.
Faced this on Android and have no idea about iOS. (Already tried clearing the cache to see if that would help but it didn’t.)

2.) Even after upgrading to Salary account from Pro account, you still see the option to ‘Upgrade your account to Salary account’ in profile page.

3.) In the ‘All account balances’ or more of like in the Aggregator page, it would be great if banks are named properly. For ex - State Bank of India instead of SBI, ‘Bank of India’ instead of ‘bank of india’. Basically, proper casings and abbreviations.

Also, if you want to hire the amazing person who finds such pesky bugs, you can reach out to me to get her info, contact or resume :wink:


Thanks for sharing this @Abhinav_Tata :blob_thanks:
We’ll get the relevant teams to have a look at these.

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Thanks for flagging @Abhinav_Tata - we’re looking into this: Especially the bank name standardization across should be fixed in an upcoming release.