Break the Ice, Introduce Yourself

Hi everyone

I am Priyanka, who is excited to have a journey with jupiter. One who hates maths but currently working as a accountant, Gst practitioner and SME.


Welcome to the Jupiter community @priyanka_robert :grin:

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Vineel here. Stock Market Trader. Fintech geek.
Joined the community very recently. Loving the discussions here.
Have an obsession of making things perfect. :stuck_out_tongue:


Welcome to the community~

Konnichiwa :wave:

I am a credit card enthusiast, always excited to see msg from bank (Congo You are approved) Haha. Love to collect all type of card including credit card/debitcard/pre-paid card. Some of them I need to destroy because of less space in card holder. Looted amazon,flipkart few other company a lot (bug/technical problems/price error) just received a price error branded product from flipkart while writing :joy: Dream to build a company don’t know which company…


Hello everyone,

It is a privilege to be a part of this community. This is Dhanraj S B, a Ph.D. Scholar working on Cell and Molecular Biology. Jupiter is a great app for banking and investing. Hoping to start my investment journey at an early stage to achieve my goals. Hoping to learn more about investments from everyone here.

Thank you!


Hi @Dhanraj_S_B ,

Happy to have you here. Cell and Molecular Biology sounds fascinating. Would love to hear more about it. :smiley:

For helping you with your investment journey, we are releasing our new to Mutual Funds feature soon. Will include you in the early access group. This way you can start your investing journey this week.

For learning we have created a community group where you can ask any questions, literally any questions related to investing and our team will help you.

CC: @Ankit_Singh

Hi folks!

Excited to be a part of the community here! I’m Priyanshi :wave:
I work as a Marketing Manager at an early stage startup called - Flash :slight_smile:

Been using Jupiter as a salary pro account for a while now, love the options and experience on board.
Mostly here to resolve my doubts but also looking forward to contributing to a banking experience we can bank on :wink:


Hi folks :wave:
I am Surojit Ghosh from kolkata currently i am a BSc Honours students in Electronic. My future goal to be a Loco pilot in Indian Railways
I joined jupiter in may 22, actually i don’t have any idea then about neo bank also I don’t had any bank account then so one day i just casually opened jupiter and then completed onboarding process which is very good.
Currently i can easily say jupiter is best among other neo banks.


Welcome folks! Glad to have you around :hyper_wave:
@Surojit_Ghosh @Chandelier @Dhanraj_S_B

If you’re wondering what’s cooking on the community, check this out - Weekly updates


Feel free to share what’s on your mind.


I’m Dhivakar and I head Sales and Operations at One Good. I love what I do at One Good because I get to use my skills for a cause that I truly believe in - Animal Rights. I’m driven in my role by the ultimate goal of removing animals from the supply chain. As someone who has always been inclined towards matters of social justice, the decision to turn vegan 8 years ago was an easy transition when I learnt about what animals are subjected to for human benefit.
I’m from Pondicherry but I’ve been in Bengaluru for the last 10 years and now call it home with my wife (Ritika) and our companion animal (Ammu - dog).
When I’m not pestering our biz partners with sales deals, you’ll find me playing badminton, cricket, working out or gaming. I also enjoy learning different languages and I’m working on becoming a more proficient keyboardist and a violinist.

Excited to be here!



Hi everyone,
I am Anuj from Pune. I have been using Jupiter as my expenses account, and it’s been smooth most of the times.
Love the UI.
I am an architect and urban transportation planner, Working in research to stop transport emissions from choking us.
I believe in the process as much as the results, which is why I could feel an instant emotional connect to Jupiter. No other bank is as approachable as this one.
Jupiter can be lot better, though, which is why I am here to contribute my small bit by being a part of the solution.

Cheers !!


@dhivakar @Danuj Welcome aboard! :rocket:

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I am Jay, working in customer support role. Hassle free banking has always been a dream for me, well for all of us. Glad to find Jupiter. It is literally out of the world experience for me! Am glad to be part of this strong community and make Jupiter a joyful ride for all…


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Hi All,

I am Reena from Hyderabad, presently working with Pepsico in project and program management domain. I have an overall experience of 9 years in Asset management and client professional service industries such as JP Morgan, Deloitte and Invesco.

Delighted to be part of this community. I love to know more people and various cultures. Travelling and music have been very close to my heart.

Looking forward to learn a lot from each of you on the fintech side and also wealth management.

Thank you,

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Hey my self Neel jain
I am from BAF ( in ACCOUNTING and FINANCE)
So i want to do internship
In area of finance
Like to manage portfolio
To grow financial literacy
To manage cost of production
To costing of employee

I want to grow in financial sector

Hello everyone!
My name is Devansh and I am 18 y.o startup enthusiast from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. I am deeply interested in startups and businesses.
Glad to be a part of this fantastic community.
Let’s connect on Linkedin -

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Welcome to the Community @Devansh_Bartwal @Neeljain14 :grin:

Yo ,

I am Shahazad and I’m a med student specializing in radiology it’s a pleasure to meet and be a part of Jupiter’s community. Hope I contribute and also learn from you folks.

Interested in business as well as learning about it and of course making money cause who doesn’t love that?

Also excited to be a part of this.


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