Biometrics not working

Jupiter teams came back after weekend with of full energy :joy:

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So we noticed that whenever a user adds one more biometric to their device, the signature changes, and hence biometric stops working.

A temporary fix is to clear app storage. We’re finding a permanent solution for this.
Glad to know that biometrics started appearing again :slight_smile:

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I understand that resolving complex problems can take time and effort. However, @Shawnpinto do you have any information on when we can expect a permanent solution for this issue?

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Saurabh, this one will be tricky. I faced a similar issue with the Citi Mobile app and it took them about 2 months to tell me that they need another few months to find a permanent fix. Well, then I stopped following up as I switched jobs and my new organization had a relationship with HDFC and I had to close my Citi account.

@saurabh.s We do not have an ETA on this yet :blob_worried:
Just wondering if the biometrics got reset again.

Did you add more biometric signatures by any chance? If yes, how come it’s on a regular basis?

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Yes, the biometrics were reset again. I added a new biometric signature just to check if the issue get a permanent fix or not.


I believe the biometric issue has been resolved in the latest update (2.0.20). I attempted to add more biometrics and but now it’s functioning properly without any interruptions.


I received a new update today, and based on the app description, it appears to focus on improving biometrics. It is great news to hear that the issue has been resolved. :+1: :+1:

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