Bill Pay Wishlist Features – Who will offer me first?

So how do you Pay your Bill’s. The old fashioned way or the new fashioned way.


Does the early payment bonus is provided by the govt or say electricity board or water board or this early payment bonus will be provided by the bank ?

P.S. nice detailed blog. Liked the difference between due date and bill date. People remember it but tend to forget it and always pay at the last possible date to avoid the late payment fee.

Super interesting wishlist! :sunglasses:

Could you help me differentiate between:
‘One time billpayment’ and ‘confirm an pay’ seems they do the same thing?
Fetch bill details for the user to verify and proceed to complete transaction?

Early payment bonus ideally should be paid by the Electricity companies as they get the funds in advance

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One Time Bill Payment - Supposing my friend requested to pay his electricity bill via my account. This is 'One Time Bill Payment ', as I may not this particular bill next month.

Conform and Pay - Payment of my electricity bill every month. However before my bank account is debited, I will review the bill and than only opt for ‘Conform and Pay’.

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Got it! I have not comes across one time bill payment as such across 3rd party apps that you mentioned. I generally check my history on those apps, and repeat a transaction --> which leads to fetching the new bill and continue paying the new one.

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