All they want just a Jupiter invite! (Meme)

It’s a great feeling :sunglasses:


@nirrvann Nice one! Hahaha :rofl:

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Memes ftw. Let’s keep going!
@Divyaansh_Agarwal @CarolinMerces I’m sure you got something in mind :stuck_out_tongue:

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Meme yes i can make some and I saw few memes when Bulllet was giving referral option with the meme🤭

How is it?


Haha, hope you liked those! Once we’re back, the meme referral program will return too. Feel free to suggest more memes for us to add :slight_smile:


Yes,I will suggest you a meme once you’re back and I’m excited for the Launch :slightly_smiling_face:

Hope you will provide some new UI/Design🤩

The only meme I carry is my Aadhar card picture. Very poor with other meme templates in general 🥲

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@Divyaansh_Agarwal My Aadhar card pic is outdated. People always ask me “Who is this person in the picture?” :triumph:


You must update your pic via Aadhar Center

But it’s funny when people ask you who is in this picture :joy::joy:

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