After metal, wooden card has arrived

Tree card is a free top-up debit card that reforests the planet with your everyday payments.

You get a wooden card, Yes! Made from real wood and it’s a Mastercard not VISA.

It works with Apple pay, Android pay and samsung pay aswell

Reduce plastic usage and pre-order thia Mastercard™ wooden debit card. Each card features a unique wood grain and is made from sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood.

Register before December 1 2020, to get a free wooden debit card.

How does it make money?
TreeCard makes money from something called ‘interchange’.

Every time you use your TreeCard, Mastercard processes the transaction and charges merchants :department_store: (online and physical stores) a small fee. We use that fee to plant trees.

So the more you use TreeCard for your everyday payments the more trees we can plant together! :deciduous_tree::heart_eyes::deciduous_tree:

  1. Isn’t it a bit ironic to use wooden card ?
    We use wood as a step to reduce plastic use. Plastics are extremely damaging for the environment when they are discarded.

    TreeCard uses only sustainably sourced FSC cherry wood and the plastic used in the core is from recycled bottles.

    The great part is, we can produce more than 300,000 cards from the wood of a single tree. We will never need to use more than a few trees to produce all of our cards. In return we will reforest millions.

To know more about this

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Hey Ashish, welcome to the community! I understand this is not for the Indian markets? who can apply for these?

Rewards = Planting trees!

I got the link on a community app and might be they will deliver it to India as on registration India is showing in there list and otp coming to the mobile number. Also i came to know it someone on the same thread that it will be available in India too.
I haven’t confirmed it myself.

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