Addon Prepaid Card for the GenZ

Thinking would an Addon prepaid card for the youth controlled by the parents would be a worthwhile addition on activation of an account?
The card can be reloaded by the parent used by the kid, card design can be chosen and changed by the kid multiple times and rewards on payments which resonate with the youth could be thrown in as a sweetener, like gaming currency credits, premium subscriptions of OTT’s & Music Apps (Spotify) etc

Pardon my enthusiasm if this has already been posted before, I just joined the community and was too eager to post, may not have gone through all the previous posts.

Welcome to the community Pramod!

Abhiram from the community did suggest something very similar though!

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Hey Pramod, you could check out FamPay they are essentially a card for teenagers with control given to parents. Exactly what you propose!

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