Adding new bank account fails if the account is already linked via upi

Hello everyone,
I was trying to add my Bank of Baroda account to Jupiter app for tracking the account balance, but I am facing this error:

If I am trying to link to a bank where I don’t have an account I see “No bank accounts found”.

I suspect this is happening because I have already added this account for UPI, but this should not be hampering adding new account for tracking all bank balances.

But in any case, we should be able to see related bank accounts detail on Jupiter dashboard.

Screenshot of trying to add account from a bank which doesn’t have my account:

Screenshot of UPI accounts page:

This could be an issue with the AA network. I am not able add my BoB account as well. Suggest you wait for 24 hours and try again. If you face the issue again, suggest you report this to the support issue. Include a video of the steps being taken. If you are an android user, you might have to take video from a different phone

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But the specific error message “No new bank accounts found” is what is irking me. While trying to add from other banks it just says “No bank accounts found”

Agree, it’s a bit strange to get that message especially when we the registered mobile number is the same.

Same is Happening with me too !!!

  • I clicked the Loans Tab just to know the procedures

  • After filling the basic details, it took to page ‘Link bank account’

  • When I clicked the button, I am getting a list of banks under the question 'Where do you get your salary?

  • So I selected Canara Bank and proceeded with ‘Continue’ button

  • After verifying with OTP, I am getting the error message " No new bank accounts Found" We were unable to find any new bank accounts linked with this phone number.

Actually, it is already linked under AA and I can view balance and transactions !!!

So my ICICI account was added to the account aggregator a long time ago and then now it wasn’t showing the current balance on the account aggregator.

I thought this was an issue with Jupiter/FinVu. Especially because I was getting SMS from ICICI for my transactions.

But apparently, there was an issue with ICICI. I had to submit an application for re-adding the number into ICICI Bank.

And voila it worked and my ICICI account showed up on Jupiter.

Hope this helps… Of course with Bank of Baroda it could be a completely different thing.