Account creation on Jupiter

I am trying to create an account on Jupiter from last couple of months but not able to do so. Everytime I login I am presented with an error message. “Umm we cannot create an account”. Can someone help?

@Nikhil_Godbole may be able to help.

Hello Shaikh,

Regret to see that you are facing this issue. We are connecting with you via DM to have this addressed for you. Thank you.

Hello I am also facing issue creating an account on Jupiter, I need to create a Salary account however its not happening error "Sorry you account could not be created. Unfortunately this an happen When your profile does not match Jupiters policies.

The video did not get uploaded due the application and when contacted customer care they informed that they cannot do anything, Posted on twitter still was informed cannot do anything even requested for callback from manager till date no one has called back

@Afzal2020 your company HR should have received a URL from the Jupiter team for sharing with their employees. In most occasions when the app is installed using that link helps by pass these kind off issues. Suggest you get in touch with your company’s HR team.

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Hello Shaikh,

Thank you for your patience. We have connected with you via DM and help you with the recent update. We request you to please check for the same. Feel free to reach back to us if you are still facing any issues. Thank you.

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