Ability to add to multiple pots in a single screen

As of now, we can add money to one pot at a time. but when there are multiple pots - it is not a ideal way.

So, provide a ability to add money to multiple pots in a single go, like list down all pots and we can add money to more than 1 pot in the given list of “all created pots”. saves a lot of time and make saving money in pots fun!

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And also ability to rename a pot.

That’s why we have habits! @Ashok :blob:
You no longer have to manually deposit money into the pot.

You can set a daily/weekly/monthly habit for the pot and funds can move in accordingly. Make sure you set the date & amount.

Try doing it for some of your pots. We even have a thread for testing out habits.
Let us know your experience after using habits here - (Ongoing) Lab test #10 - Introducing Habits 🚀

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Agree, Habits is good, what i have requested is different. If have to add money to pots on a ADHOC basis, then having the ability to add money to multiple pots in a single go would be very helpful.

Habits helpful when scheduled , but not for adhoc basis.

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Can you share more such use cases? :thinking:
Why would you want to deposit funds into all your pots at the same time.

I have multiple pots now, at the start of each month , i need to add money to those multiple pots. But the catch here is , lets says this month - i would want to add to Pot 1, 2 and 3, but next month i would want to Pot 2, 4 and 5…so the pots that i want to save to changes each month and habits might not really fit in here.

I know my pots usage might be wierd :wink: but that is how it is !!

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Not weird at all.

I also follow the same approach for my pots.
So yeah, it may not be a priority item on the development team’s backlog, but it is a needed feature.

CC: @Shawnpinto