A lot of bugs in App

So to be honest I am a big fan of Jupiter but very disappoint to see that the app has a lot of bugs like whenever I open it mostly is shows “Something snapped”. :persevere:
The cool feature of Jupiter (card freeze) sometime create trouble, yesterday I have to make a payment to a petrol pump by swiping my card but after trying 50 times the card was not unfreeze.:disappointed:
Today I was at a cafe and have to make a payment via scan & pay and the payment was sent to cafe but in apl it showing me " something went wrong here"
Thank god hat the payment was sent sometime payment was debited but not sent to receiver and genuinely no one has too much of time to wait/check your payment again and again & we have to pay again from any other source to left the place.

Jupiter has completed 3-4 months in market but still not able to feagured out these bugs and these creatures a lot of problems in hurry.

In my case( might be it was different for everyone here) I didn’t see any bug in fi.money yet. Everytime I make a payment through fi money (upi or debit card) it goes through smoothly.
Jupiter and fi launched at same time and has a tough competition although both has different strategies to run but doing comparison from it’s competatiors is I think not a bad idea.

I just request jupiter creators to please create a schedule maintenance to come out of these bugs so we can use it without any issue.
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Feedback well received. It is unfortunate that you had to face these issues. Can we connect directly as I am keen to understand in detail. Can you drop your details at jiten@jupiter.money

I have never tried to pay at any POS terminal with my Jupiter debit card before but today I faced an issue.
Although there was sufficient amount in my Jupiter account and the card limit was set up to Rs30000 & payment through POS channel was also enabled but still the payment of Rs 10000 failed. So I tried 2 more times but the payment failed again. Thank God no amount was debited from my account.
So, I decided to pay via UPI. After entering the amount and my UPI pin the page showed an error “UPI pin expired” but after the second attempt the payment was successful and I also received jewels against that transaction.

After few hours I did another UPI payment of Rs580 to an merchant but I didn’t receive any jewels against that transaction. After contacting customer support I get to know that the payment was ineligible because merchant’s personal name was in the merchant account.
Here what he replied

"Please see the payee’s name. It is mentioned the merchant’s personal name. Maybe his merchant account is with his personal name. Therefore this is invalid for rewards.

The recipient does not have a merchant i.e. business account in their personal name. Hence your transaction has been credited to their personal account and can not be rewarded."

My concern is How can the user know whether the merchant is verified or not?
And the payment through Debit card at POS terminal should be improved.
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Seems like a wierd thing. We could see card txns working smoothly yesterday without any glitch. Will ask my team to reach out to find out details

@Jiten Can you through light on this.

Hi Debasish,
We checked the debit card transaction logs and can’t see any transactions which have failed. Can you please share details of the error that you faced and if possible, can you share a snapshot if you try again and the transaction fails? This could be an issue with the payment terminal as the transaction has not even reached our switch.

The shop where I tried to make the payment was a jewellery shop.
And sorry I forgot to take a snapshot of that error.
And I have already shared the details to @Omesh.
I think that was an error from the POS machine and my debit card is working perfectly fine.
By the way thanks for taking keen interest to know what went wrong that day.
I really appreciate the effort.

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This is what I have posted before…that it can’t be a primary bank account…

To add to that bugs list…

3 days ago I have tried to do online transaction… didn’t received mobile OTP… tried Email OTP also…but no luck… Now after more than 24 hours received both mobile and email Otps…How weird is that…

@Krinaction There was an outage for OTP’s in the morning 3 days ago. Experienced it myself. But it was okay in the evening.

Ok…one should request the OTP in the morning to do a transaction in the evening…?

Thank you…

Looks like this community is becoming more of a rant channel rather than constructive feedback. I would prefer that all service requests be raised through service channel. if same are not resolved in defined TAT, then you can escalate to Shawn. @Shawnpinto can provide his email so that community members get privilege to get issues solved. but, we won’t be able to address issues on community channel unless one has formally gone through service channel.
Idea of this community is to learn, interact and get constructive feedback rather than service desk.