70 - 30 : Do anyone of you here does a 70% in equity and 30% in debt and rebalances it continuously?

I read that in the USA people do follow this and pretty much beats the market simply if you keep rebalancing the portfolio every month.

When I mention rebalancing every month (its to decide whether do I invest current months amount in 70-30 ratio or if the market is up I will keep investing more into debt as the market is high now and if the market is down I will keep pushing more money in equity?).

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Damn, didn’t even know such a thing existed!
I’m real bad at managing my finance and office barely leaves me with anytime for myself that this juggling sounds like a dream only to me!
Maybe Jupiter can help me here​:sweat_smile::see_no_evil:

There are a couple of made solutions on this. Easiest to do that would be buying a smallcase. They have this All Weather Investing which is made of debt + gold + equities, it has less volatility, but slightly lesser returns as well as compared to only equity over long long duration. But the risk of equity only is super high as you might have observed during the pandemic and lockdow.

read everything on this page - a big fan of smallcase - and the page is very informative for a noob user. : https://www.smallcase.com/smallcase/all-weather-investing-SCAW_0001

A snapshot for you which you will find on the page.

Is demography, population, per capital income, preferences, culture, way of living, spending habits, economy and economy barriers, financial literacy and financial fears, and so on similar in both the countries (US & India)? If no then why to follow a financial guideline of any foreign country?

By the way, I believe in India story and luckily my age too, so I am 98% invested in Indian equity.

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