Misfits Investment 🧑🏻🔮💷

A thread to discuss about investment roadmap for beginners and a way to understand how money works and in this thread we’ll also share tips and trick to invest in a controllable way and and also what money means to you. :crystal_ball:

Investment Roadmap :adult:t2::pound::flying_saucer:

50:30:20 Rule

• 50% of Expenses
• 30% Wants / Saving Pots
• 20% Needs

Where to Investment Ratio

• 70% of Stocks
• 20% Crypto
• 10% Gold Bonds

Investment Date of Month

• 27th of Every Month


The 50:30:20 ratio is Needs(expenses):Wants:Savings

Too much cash is not good, it loses value over time. Once you reach 300-400k with your savings, let go of the 20% savings rule. Treat that as an emergency fund.

And divert the 20% to some other instrument.

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Being a student, I am doing internships and making 5000-6000 a month. I realised that rather than saving and investing, I should use that money on upgrading my skills so that I could earn a substantial amount of money and then I can invest a part of it in stocks.
Guys, what are your views on it?

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Spending money to up-skill is kind of the first priority. Then you can invest the leftover in other assets.

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That’s correct for your case.

Not everyone who has a family or is married can afford that.

I assumed OP was a working professional.


Hey I’m student and I’m thinking of applying for a credit card next month would anyone please recommend some high quality credit card with good design as well as good reward

Well, I am also a 1st-year college student and made my credit card recently. I am using Onecard as a credit card. I feel it’s the best for students out there as you just have to lock some money through FD and you will get your credit card. Please use my referral link as I will also earn some points.


Would you describe the app interface for me how it is for you

It’s okayish, people here are saying that it’s good but to be honest I found Jupiter’s interface more compact and minimalistic. But yeah if you will compare other credit card companies app, its far better.


Hey just a question I wanted to ask should I wait Jupiter to launch their card then I apply for it or should I apply of one card what do you say

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Depends on the purpose.
If you need an credit card to build a credit score, go ahead get it now. You will have a longer credit history.

If you are okay with waiting for a while ( I don’t how long) you could wait for Jupiter to launch a card. Usually it is for second card or adding it to the collection.

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Umm, I was just wondering Jupiter LinkedIn profile , where there is Open Job who is expert and Have Knowledge of Credit cards Cycle. So i think they put step toward this.

Thanks for information if you find anything suspicious about it do update here it would be awesome agent 007

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