Why you use a Traditional Bank or Neo Bank?

If you value established reputation and physical presence, a traditional bank may be a better fit for you. If you prioritize digital convenience and lower fees, a neo bank may be the way to go.


Having a traditional bank account also makes you eligible for pre-approved terms for certain loan products. It could be beneficial for the one in need.

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Pros of Traditional and Neo Banks

Traditional banks

• Greater range of financial services
• Developed ATM network:
• More options for customer service
• Relationship banking

( For Everyone who wants a great network of physical branch availability )

Neo Banks

• Streamlined experience
• Convenience factor
• Low Fees, Charges and intrest
• Easy To Use

( Mostly for tech savvy and people who prefer convenience in their life )


Neobank development is a trend in the banking sector and FinTech. Start-ups and financial institutions today are interested in creating web and mobile solutions to get ahead of their competitors. If you are curious about how to start a neobank, this article by Cleveroad helps you get acquainted with all the essential points to consider.

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I request everyone to not use any neobank, payment bank or small finance bank as your primary bank account.
Use these as secondary accounts only.



I didn’t found inconvenience in the traditional banks as most bank offer online service.