What should Jupiter be known for?

Imagine being known as just “a great engineer” or “an efficient manager” all your life, by every single person in the world. You’re more than just what you do for a job, no?

Some of us are known for our friendliness.
Some of us are known for being hustlers.
Some of us are known for our humour.

So, why should Jupiter just be “a modern bank for modern people”?
That’s just us doing a good job.

Tell us what you feel Jupiter should be known for.

After all, you are the Community, and you know us best.

Type in all your answers here!


I think Jupiter brand should be known for being “customer centric” and “transparent”


I believe Jupiter should be known as a brand that helps people get control & comfort with their money.

Managing one’s money is hard, complicated and tedious and often we’re left to do it by ourselves. Jupiter can be the “enabler” that does the heavy lifting on our behalf and gives us back control.

Sort of life a helpful friend or family member that’s always there for you when you stuck with your money.

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Ease, transparency and fully digital.


Jupiter should be known for its user experience and customer support.


IMHO Jupiter should be known for its trust, transparency, and ease of usage.

  • digital-first and all the features that you need.
  • Upfront pricing and no hidden charges.
  • Profitability of the company and income sources

“Personal finance buddy”

As I probably must have shared the idea earlier, it’s more easy to trust a friend with your secrets, weaknesses and also seek advice when in trouble, idea is to have a digital banking partner who says " Come to me with your banking troubles, I will fix all your problems, like an old friend would promise to do"

Friend/Buddy= Trust + transparency + problem solver + cheerleader + critique + goto person in crisis + life long relationship


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