What one thing will make you open a new bank account?

  • Instant, paperless credit for short term
  • Expense Categorization and Budgeting Tools
  • Higher Interest Rate on Savings Balance
  • Personalized rewards
  • Auto-save money
  • Distinguish Funds basis end-goals

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Higher Interest Rate is will be key point to attract the customer e.g Kotak bank and adding on like kotak and paytm had tried earlier mobile no is the best choice of account no.

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Agreed. All of these are great. I especially relate with the first four. But what you need first is a hook. Because when dealing with the millennial customer base, especially new young users, you’re dealing with a mindset leaning less towards “Who has higher interest rates” and more towards “Axis sounds so much cooler than Kotak Mahindra”

Expenses and budgeting sounds like maths. If marketed right, expense categorization and budgeting tools can be the hook to lure them in with and the rest will be lines and sinkers to keep them comfy and feeling at home!


I have a different opinion here, I see the majority of the people have voted for Higher Interest Rate and Personalized rewards. Although these are nice to have there are many other things that are missing from traditional banking and can be offered by players like Jupiter.

Honestly, my experience has been that the personal rewards are good for onboarding new clients, but retaining them for long term is totally different ball game.

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