Watch list for your favourite stocks

A watchlist page for your favorite stocks would be a great idea to add. implementing this can make accessing easier and reducing time more efficient by making it easier to access. Moreover, this will allow for a much better user experience.


Are you suggesting to make Jupiter a trading platform??

Well jupiter is not for buying stocks. So, no reason to make the watch list for it.

Never, but if Jupiter wants to start one, let it be.

Well, I didn’t say Jupiter should start a stock option or they should turn into a trading platform. If they have the option to access mutual fund investing, gold purchase, and tracking investment. Then they could provide a zone to follow the preferred stocks as well. Since it is a new generation of banking platform, anything that would impress its customers can be put in the initiative.

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Jupiter already has all these things under investment and money portfolio section.

Hmm… But getting a broker licence is difficult.

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This is nice. Great topic, @edwardjohnka :blob_thanks:
For starters, do you have one in mind?