Used Car vs New Car [With calculation]

Everybody wants to buy a car, it’s part of the dream lifestyle we’ve wanted for ourselves. But from a financial perspective, does it make sense to buy a brand new car? Or are you better off just buying a good used car?

And now Circuit wonders what is better - car subscription or buying a good used car, from financial perspective. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Please do something on personal finance for millennials too!


Welcome to the community Manan!

If you’d ask me education/ awareness is the first step. I remember a community interaction where financial wellness meant different things for everyone in the room. Something similar with personal finance as a broad bucket! So what would you pick if I’d ask for the most burning problem you need to be solved?

Hey Sneh,
I’d want to understand it very crudely if I make x amount of money a month, what is the best way to optimize it in expense + saving patterns so they day X stops coming , I have enough money to last for a while.

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