UPI payments

Is it possible to make UPI payments without internet? Any app which supports this feature?

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UPI123 Pay(official, Safest & secured)

You can make UPI payments by call.

Here is details & Steps :point_down::point_down::point_down:

Yes, you can make offline UPI Payments by dialing *99# or using UPI 123pay feature by calling into IVR number.

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*99# not works for all.
but it is Fast than UPI123Pay

Actually it’s work with every service provider except Jio, as Jio doesn’t support USSD feature. So, if your Bank registered mobile number from Jio you can’t use it.

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Also Not works for me. VI (IDEA)

6 Banks Ac- even not work for single
Same Addhar for Bank & SIM
Same mobile is registered with Bank.

Actually it’s works on VI, you can confirm here👇 Also, check if your Bank is a live member of the *99# feature

I have accounts with listed banks


Non listed- BOI, Fedral, Paytm

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You have to enable *99# via bhim app


Thank You…:pray::grin:

I was finding solutions on it from months :sweat_smile:

6 accounts :exploding_head: :exploding_head:, any special benefits of having 6 accounts ??

1 Current AC for Unlimited Transaction

2 SBI- PMJDY DBT linked Ac

3 BOB- rupay platinum Virtual Card (want to
close but nearest branch is 100 KM):woozy_face:

4 Hdfc- good Offline service & Credit Card & loan

main Accounts-

5 BOI- nearest branch & Scholarship AC opened by School

6 Jupiter- daily small Transaction, for online chargeback procces to avoid loss during online Shopping & Merchents Payment,
Reward (but currently Not pro, But will upgrading this month)

Thanks to Jupiter who help me to Manage my all accounts at one place :grin:


UPI bhim voice official number for offline transactions over IVR: 08045163666

Besides this you can use UPI lite

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i only have 3 accounts
1 jupiter
2 uco bank ( it’s nearest to my house)
3 Paytm Payments bank