Upcoming features

@admins @Jiten we know you guys are quite busy and it takes some time to roll out new features… May I request you to provide list of upcoming features to be implemented in 4-6 weeks at regular intervals. This is going keep us involved and excited!! I know it’s not a cake walk as some of the features promised long time back are still in development!! But by telling the community whats coming up shortly will keep us more involved and may be community can provide some positive feedback as well.

Another option is to provide list of enhancements post release so that we could check what has been cooked.

Any thoughts ?

@nareshk You must be looking for this one - Our Public Roadmap on Trello 🆙 - #40 by Shawnpinto

We update this board biweekly for feature updates and status :grimacing:
If you want to know what went live, you can refer to the “What’s new” post on the community homepage.

This post acts as a banner and it gets updated every week - Getting started on the Jupiter Forum

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