About the Done! category

Didn’t we already say that your feedback and ideas matter! This category is a manifestation of that promise :partying_face:

We are super lucky to have an awesome community here and on WhatsApp. From the sneak peeks that we show our community to regular Testing Thursdays that we conduct, we have been flooded with feedback. When we say feedback, its what you liked, as well as things you didn’t and every idea, and suggestion!

We have been busy with noting them down and diligently working on them and hopefully, we will be doing this eternally.

This category is for displaying some of the feedback that got implemented and why did we implement it. We will start posting here once our product is in the hands of our community members.

If you would like to give feedback, join our events or watch out for updates on the Sneak Peek Category. (P.S. soon we are dropping screens of a couple of features in the sneak peek category)