Search and Pay

We should be able to search for other Jupiter users and pay with ease.

For example, I search for a contact through the UPI page. Find the contact. Click. Send money. Submit UPI pin. done.

It should be as simple as that.

An extra layer to make the experience more light and easy, would be allowing us to add a profile picture. Every contact must be provided the option of keeping it public by default. It’ll be easier to identify, and adds a cool social aspect to it to. I definitely do not want to be ID’d with my horror show of an Aadhar photo.

Our competition has it. We should too.


that would be super helpful. we should be way ahead than compitition.

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We all look like potatoes and “straight-outta-Tihar” in our Aadhar photos :joy:

Thanks Government!

It’s a fair ask for a DP.