Recently Paid Icon Should Be Customisable

I think recently paid whome i have recent icon should be customisable for an exam if i went to any citie for vacation and i have make payment through upi to general Store whome i would never paying through upi again then what’s the point of showing me his upi icon in form of recently paid for that reason the recently paid should be removed in 48 hours or it should be customisable


Thanks man it wil be usefull feature for a lot of people i don’t usually use Jupiter upi cause it shows recently paid and if this feature will be add then it will be convince for me and a lot of people

Or we could hide the whole recently paid menu part under a dropdown menu, so to make it visible you need to click on the button.
Like in this figure

Hey man i think instead of hiding recently paid it should be customisable and the options of customisation of upi recently paid should be in payment setting under upi and it says manage upi recent paid icon that will be more useful and also introduce transaction merger for example i have my brother 10 rupees 5 to 10 times a day so it’s will be helpful to merge all transactions and showing the total amount how much i have transferred him

Ahhhh man this gif is more than 4 mb

Recently payed should be replaced with most frequently payed atleast :sweat_smile:

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The best way to solve this would be to remove recent payees from the tab.
Would an option to long-press the payees be helpful in this situation? @Adil_Ahmed

This is interesting. I would suggest you start using tags in this case. The transaction you had with your brother can be named with the same tag.

Once they are tagged, you can head over to the insights section to filter that particular tag. You will see all the transactions related to it.

However, we do not have the option to search for tags yet. We’re still thinking about it.